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Mini LED light and filter for Aquasphere tank

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Filter and LED light from Aquasphere 12ltr tank. Could be easily used to make a little nano terrarium or just use the light on a nano tank. Light has little copper touch sensors to turn on and off the blue or white LEDs. Fairly bright for a little light. There is NO media in the filter, just the pump, intake pipe and the plastic tub/area for the water to gather and then waterfall back out. Fill it with whatever you want or turn it into a waterfall for a frog tank or whatever strikes your fancy!

$30ono, little replacement pump is $20 retail alone so figured this was a fair amount. Aquasphere tank cracked and figured the little setup shouldn't go to waste. =) Included a video to show how the light works.

Edit: Just realised my bulldog snorts like a beast halfway through the video, sorry!


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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