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Progression thread in my pearly zz red dragon it's name is bubbles

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Just thought I would share this is one of [MENTION=3737]kasman[/MENTION] bubs from the girl I now have it's name is bubbles for to reason it loves bubbles in the tank and it a unisex name ;) I have just seperated it from the other couple now so I thought I would share I will put lots of new pics up excuse the bad phone pics it doesn't do the fish justice lol






I'm hoping its a boy fingers crossed

It's diet is :

marine green cube

Heart and prawn cube

Mysis shrimp


Food sticks hikari

Hikari carnivore

Cichlid bio gold

Normal hikari

My fish are spoilt hahaha

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good work Steven, he should be a pearly little tacker.

he looks a bit dark though maybe its the photos??

Not sure if the green pebbles will bring out the best colour in the fish, Id go bare bottom or a ligher gravel/coral. and a blue background usually brings out the best in them.

Thanks for posting man, keen to see how he/she goes :)

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Kasmans Kids definitely a good buy. I'm not as much into koks as a lot of you and the ones I got if there are any boys are not really kokky yet but they have all got one or more good features - my favourite so far having a deep deep body and a good red base colour, hopefully a male to go with my KKP and red texas girls to see what happens. Pearls and bulk and colour though can't go wrong. One so pearly its hard to see the base. One I must admit is a right little ------- and could end up in my big boys tank. Thanks mate.

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