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Help adjusting water from Tap water to Rain water

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I have a Blue Ram in 30 Litres tank of Tap water with a pH of 8.0

GH of 12 degrees

KH of 4 degrees

Conductivity of around 700 uS/cm

I wish to convert the tank to rain water... FYI pH 6.5, GH & KH undetectable.

How should I go about it.

I would like as much technical advice as possible please..!!!

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The best way is to use rainwater or a RO unit. 30 Litres is a small tank and water changes would be small. Maybe there is someone local with a rainwater tank that would let you have 5-10 liters every week or two to do water changes. PS If you have undetectable Kh and Gh you are likely to have a Ph crash and will drop to a Ph of 3.7 or lower.

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I have a rain water tank.

Since the only fish will be a single Blue Ram I doubt my pH will crash because I will be testing nitrates and do weekly WC.

I would agree if I was going to CO2 inject but I have no intentions in doing so.

If your serious about my KH I will look into aiding my KH and GH with bicarb soda or epson salt or maybe just a little rift lake salt but at this stage my only concern is safely converting my ram from tap to rain.

I guess the first thing that would change by adding rain water would be the GH long before my pH shifts.

I just don't know if 0.5 pH of a change would be too much per WC.

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