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Coral colours manipulation, the cheap and natural easy ways.

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These pics at the end are two of my many acans that are firing up and spreading out beautifully.

Poor things still haven’t experienced a water change yet and they get all dosing needs from food oxidation and these-


Dissolve 250 grams Damprid from bunnings in roughly 2 liters of RO water.

Just be aware the mix gets a bit hot and with its reaction when the two are combined.

Calcium citrate

Any calcium coral, seashells, limestone, or dolomite is fine. Then combine with citric acid, lime or lemon will do nicely.


Buy some pool alkalinity and PH up from Bunning's and mix 350 grams once it is cooled to 2 liters of RO water and mix for quite a while.


Grab 2 cups of Epsom salts and add near double that of magnesium chloride as hexahydrate in neutralised or RO water and mix,” green health” on line has the hexahydrate. This solution isn’t added as often the other two parts, so I put in heaps each time I do add it.


Is not usually needed as it comes from any foods added, this is for the algae pigments especially for the corals algae.

Iron and vitamins.

Use the swisse brand liquid iron in the vitamin section of the super market.

Amino acids

They come from feeding as the oxidation processes release it and algae excretes it as well as a bi product of photosynthesis.

A part from old school xr-e diodes, no skimmer or wave makers, its that easy.



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It’s just a canon ixus point and shoot,the only function I use on the camera is high speed pics when the under water casing is on it.

It does have built in high light sensitivity, this I wanted for deep-water pics so I don’t need a flash or lighting of any kind.

The corals look the same from the top of the aquarium as they do in the pics.

The lights are leds at 50/50 old school xr-e diodes.

I think the blues highlight the dark colouration a bit compared to when they were in the wild.

These ones featured were the ocean colours for nearly two months before I started dosing what I thought would have profound affects, and it did,then they started changing their colours.

Yes near all my corals are frags from wild acans, stag acropora and other as well.

There are fungia,scoli,tubastraea,the xmas tree rock coral and a few others of extremely small polyps that thrive as well, they mostly stayed their ocean colours, just a few stags changed to blue/purple, possibly partly due to the lighting, mainly due to cyano controlling the waters as it does every where in nature and to some degree after I altered my dosing.

None of their colours and growth would be possible with out the nutrient balancing and photosynthetic elemental production going on in there any way.

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