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Back to Freshwater again

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After a couple of years with marine, sold the lot and decided to use what I had to go back into fresh water due to maintenance aspect especially for my other half as I work away regularly; so set up the heavily planted 120X45X45 tank with the overflow and 4 chamber sump, swapped the skimmer etc for bio balls, ceramic 'stones' and a freshwater refugium (still planting) on an alternate light cycle to the main tank- figured since we have the RO unit will go for soft water acidic amazon style- lots of fun so far.

Happy to find this forum :)


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Got some but have to admit uploading here seems to be a problem for me ?

BTW- couldn't have done any of it without your business (AOA), waiting on an order right now for my refugium substrate and bits and bods- wouldn't online order anywhere else :)

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Welcome to the forum Debi & welcome back to the easier side of aquaria :)

Gotta love an underwater garden & the guys at AoA will hook you up with whatever you need.

Any ideas on what you're gonna stock it with? Plenty of inspiration for ya in the photo sections & maybe take a look at breeder's lists or LFS stock lists & see what's out there that you like. Soooo many beautiful fish, soooo few tanks to hold them...

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