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So I Went on a Drive...

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Just wanted to say a big thank you to a few of the awesome guys off the forum and a couple of stores!

[MENTION=3737]kasman[/MENTION] for generously giving me some flowerhorn fry and for the awesome peppermints and a great chat!

[MENTION=6774]john22[/MENTION] for giving me some more flowerhorn juvies and a bunch of heaters/filters (Which I actually left there, sorry John!).

[MENTION=8781]Ventus[/MENTION] for the lovely Red Hump, Butterfly and Ram, all of which are doing great!

[MENTION=704]angry[/MENTION] for even more fry and good talk about how you're going insane (Africans, hah!).

And [MENTION=6245]crusty76[/MENTION] for the Swordtails, Raphaels and for holding a heap of fish I bought while I went up the coast, even though I came back pretty late!

Funny story there actually, on the way home, I got a bit lost and whilst going around a round about, the bucket of Swordtails tipped out all over me and the seat, I righted it and kept driving.

Then I felt a flapping on my back, reached behind me and there was a fish flapping on my seat!

I stopped and rummaged around the car until I found all 20 of the fish haha, I must admit I found an unlucky few this morning as well :'(

I have to get a torch for my car damn it!

Also Burleigh Heads Pet Center & The Petbarn Nerang gave me some great fish!

Found an awesome guy on Gumtree who sold me a couple of Mollies, Philip.

One of the nicest men I have met, will try and buy from him whenever possible.

I ended up with:

A Pictus Catfish

A Salmon Catfish

A Mystus Vitatus

4 Peppermint BNs

God knows how many Flowerhorn

3 Raphaels (Thanks Justin, what the hell am I gonna do with them haha??

20 Swordtails

5 Mollies

A Red Hump Geo

A Bolivian Butterfly

And a Ram

All in all, I need about 5 more tanks and a whole tank more fuel but I gotta say, it was a good day.

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Wow, that was probably some of the worst grammar I have ever read!
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haha your my hero man, what you acheived in those 12 hrs I can only strive to acheive in a life time! and all in the name of fish :beer:

ThankYOU man for delivering those fish to john for me, srsly bro a big help. Hope those FH all turn into MP's and you can sell em for millions $$$$$!!

But yes I agree, the bigger mission is ahead of you, where all these fish gonna go :eek:?

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