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What's going on with my Anemone??

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Hi all,

Over the past week I have noticed my green tip anemone getting smaller and smaller and not opening up as much. All my other fish and soft corals are going great guns. I have not tested the water yet, which I will do later on, but am thinking that because everything else seems to be ok the problem must most likely just be limited to the anemone.

Anyone got any suggestions? I have had it for months and have not deviated from its car regime, which saw it powering like a champ previously. It has lost all colour, is still secure to the rock though.

I have attached some photos below for comparison:





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I checked my water and everything seemed ok. Kh was a little low and salinity a little high so I did a change and dosed a couple of items.

I am using fluval marine leds. All my other corals are going fine though.

I have a sand anemone and its going fine.

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It looks to have kicked its zooxanthalae (sp?) to the curb, so it's not photosynthesizing (sp also? Come back autocorrect). I would guess something in the water made it freak out, and now you'll need to make sure it gets more food than before, as the light wont be doing it any good. Fix the water and up the shrimp intake, and it should slowly start to come good.

As always with these guys though, S-L-O-W-L-Y.

Ooo..also, how close is the sand anemone? The gt may have picked up the scent and decided to commit suicide..slow suicide.

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