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Introducing a Lobsta to the Aquarium

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Hello all,

I'm Lobsta, or Lobby. I'm a pharmacist from the Carina area.

SWMBO and I recently bought our first aquarium, a 2 foot, 54L tropical setup. Small, I know, but we're renting and don't went to get anything bigger until we know what size/shape room we have to fit it in. At first we had just a single betta in there, with the idea of adding a few tank mates in a little bit. He got a small columnaris infection pretty early on in the piece which we treated and got him all better. Then the suicidal thing decided to swim into the outlet of the filter pump and shred himself.

So now we're looking at setting up a small community, and have been referred to this forum by our lovely go-to saleswoman at Pet City.

I apologize for the stupid questions that I will likely ask of you guys. As retribution for the stupid questions, I am happy to answer anybody's pharmacy related questions, either by PM or in a thread.


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:( Poor little betta .. Just wanted to make you feel like an a$$ .. Welcome to the forum! :) You won't stop at just one tank btw.. This hobby grows on you worse than any rash you've ever seen..

So what are you getting for your next vict--er, finbabies?

I'm new to the whole thing too, and I'm pretty sure I'll beat you to the stupid questions ;) (and many of mine have already been asked .. heh)

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