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Canister Filters

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I have for sale 2 Canister filters. They are 750 & 650 Via Aqua's (I think they are the same as Aqua One)

The 750 is in great working order with fairly new filter sponges. The little hollow tube filter media, I forget their name, is original however they work fine. It comes with all hoses, inlets and outlets etc. Does not leak and is very quite.

The 650 is to be sold as parts. I believe it still works however one of the taps leaks. And I do not have any hose for it. But I still have the accessories as per the picture. You should be able to pick up a tap from an aquarium store for about $15 and the hose from a hardware store for cheap. It has all the filter media still in good condition.

I am after $60 for both.

I am in Camp Hill which is just south east of the Gabba.

PS. It sounds like a plane flew at the start of the clip. It acually is quite.




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How do you go about priming canister filters like these without the self primier things? I have a similar Atman canister and I think there is still air somewhere in it as the flow isn't as strong as I would have imagined it to be.

Sorry to derail the thread :S

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gently give the canister a shake / rock it back and forwards to dis-lodge any air that might be trapped, hope that helps.

also the taps for the canisters for sale, if they are the same size as the aqua-one versions they are very cheap from the pet shop's and nice and easy to replace / install !

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Thanks for the info th3f0rgt3n. In the past with these, any trapped air usually works its way out, but a shake speeds things along. Also to prime, I find it easy to use a smaller internal filter/pump to push water through the pipes, or you can fill the hoses up and it usually has enough suction to work its way through. Just make sure the tank is nearly full.

As for the flow rates, here is a link to the Via Aqua web site.

ViaAqua: Modular Canister Filter

it says the 750 has (750 GPH) 3409L/hour (this seems a little high?)

the 650 has (265 GPH) 1204L/hour.

I am not sure why there is such a difference in flow rates as the pipes are the same size and I think the impellers are the same as well.

Maybe Mr Google can tell you more. Otherwise I can have a look tonight after work.

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