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any info on bulk fish tanks on e-bay

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:?: just would like to now if any one has purchase any of the bulk new 2FT tanks or the 3FT OR 4FT tanks off e-bay (under fish tanks ). and if they are any good.

the location is at : coboolture-QLD

seller store is ; fair price fix it group.

any help wellbe apprrciated



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These tanks are eds, you can go to the caboolture market and buy off him there.

a lot of people say they have had problemswith there tanks, but ive got a few off him and ive had no problems.\

Hope this helps :)


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We have brought a few tanks of Ed now and we have had no problems. I only thing i find with them is that they are not the neatest tanks out there. His work can sometimes be a little rough and the edges usually need to be sandpapered but beside that we haven't had any problems.

Some people have said to be wary when getting larger tanks. To check the silicone. I have a 4x18x20 of him and have had no problems.


Carl & Jenny

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