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For sale various tanks and a sump

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Okay first is a rimless 50x30x30cm and stand clad in stained ply has 2 brand new led fixtures, brand new global 106

New c02 regulator and bell diffuser

Used up aqua aqua soil

And can throw in the glossy that's growing in there currently



Please note the glossy is being grown immersed currently


Next is a 250 litre 2 foot corner tank(the back panel's are 2 feet and the tank it self is nearly 3 foot wide) and hood that's stained dark brown

Tank also drilled to suite 30something mm bulkhead(can't remember if the top of my head)

Also can come with a small wet dry system that has a protein skimmer but no pumps


Or take both for $350 and il throw in a bunch of glossy and some other plants I have in my other planted tank

Pm me with any other questions

I'm willing to swap for a 4x2x2 with a basic stand or any other large tanks that hold water :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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