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Fluval fx6 canister filter

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Been reading through this great forum and seen the fluval fx5 has some problems, so am wondering if they have fixed These problems with the fx6.

Will be using it on a 480 litre aquarium and don't have enough to spend on getting two filters at this stage

Stocking with African cichlids which are only about 5 centimetres long at the moment.

Thankyou in advance

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I have 2 fx 5s both are going strong.

What problems did you read about.

Had heard on the discusforum that the motors just stop working.

And they can clog up easily.

Also that the motor is not lasting, but they may have fixed this problem with fx6 model

Have a fluval 305 on a four. Foot tank, and love how easy it is to set up and to clean

Happy with this one does a great job.

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I had the motor go on it first major clean after it was only 6ths old, but as with any problems with new stuff the sponcers on here I buy from replaced the motor straight up know questions ask & been pumping along nice & strong ever since. Love my fx5...

What if any are the new features on the fx6 like anybody got one??

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One of mine is 5 yrs old and the other is 4 yrs old.

In saying that I think I have had the motor housing off to clean once.

I have never cleaned the pipes.

Flow is just like the day I bought them.

If it aint broke I don't fix it.

I try to always buy my electrical gear brand new.

I find this helps a lot with the problems or then lack of.

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Yea they have a pretty high failure rate unfortunately.

That said though, I aint never had drama with mine.

But dam have I dealt with a lot of people who have.

Could that possibly be because of lack of maintenance? i have had a few fluvals (nowhere near what you have dealt with) but the only way i have ever had one fail was from not cleaning the impeller for months!

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I think failure to clean impellors is the cause of many cannister failures.

Its made worse in the case of the FX5 because theres screws to undo before you can take the motor off.

Its also hard to convince many customers to do so,

and its hard to explain to them when you check a returned one that its just a dirty impellor.

People let down by a filter, dont want a lecture and to be given the same filter back.

Especially when it happens more than once.

If you look after things, they last longer.

But sometimes you can look after them dam well...... and they still break.

And thats what the large majority of cannister failures are.

Just manufactoring problems or damage in transit.

I find most people who invest in a cannister filter, look after it well and have it last a long time.

Some experiece filter fails due to cleaning neglect, but they are in the minority.

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Its not so much that its a problem, I think its more people expecting more of the tech we have in the hobby.

Hopefully fish keeping tech keeps evolving until it becomes totally fool proof.

It is getting better though.

I have boxes of obselete equipment that still does the job......... just not as well as what I have now.

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