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Bet places to get plants

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Hey, so We got everything ready to re-scape our tank and then realised a fatal flaw in our plan..... Aquagreen didn't have many plants in stock at the moment due to winter.

Does anybody know another great place to get aquarium plants? Online or otherwise?

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heya, most shops that order in plants go thru (well, its the only QLD nursery I know of?)


just pick what you want and ask if your LFS could order them in for you :) otherwise theres

some people with awesome looking tanks! see if you can grab some cuttings :)

Yeah I think Donny from AOA said something about doing that for me, so I have sent them off an email and will see what it comes back with.

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Fishchick !!!!!!

they are a little bit expensive but the plants are always very high quality and healthy..... Bonus is they are in brissy and stock a large range of rare plants as well as all the common ones

Liverpool creek aquariums are also good, but you have to wait for them to ship it to you.....

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I am after a ridiculously long list of plants, I have a particular idea in mind and need a HEAP of plants, swords, crypts, wisteria, echinodorus etc

I have sent a list off to AoA see what that comes to, otherwise you guys might be my go to! Will have to see. Haven't heard of Clayfield Aquariums, Will have to go on a road trip and check them out.

Thanks guys!

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Hi, if you're after some of the more uncommon stem plants, I generally have cuttings available every week or two. But since I recently got rid of most of my stem plants and only kept a few specimens of my favorites, I can only provide 1-3 cuttings of each (pickup only, I don't post).

Here's a list of the plants that I trim regularly:

Rotala H'ra

Persicaria Sao Paulo

Didiplis diandra

Ludwigia brevipes

Eichhornia diversifolia

Nesaea Triflora

Echinodorus vesuvius (not a stem, but get runners sometimes)

Myriophyllum mattogrosense

ludwigia arcuata

myriophyllum tuberculatum

Limnophila brownii "Darwin River Ambulia"

Limnophila aromatica

Rotala Mini Type 2

Bacopa caroliniana

Rotala vietnam mini

Note that most of these generally require at least medium light and regular ferts, and do better with CO2.

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