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Macropore White 1 Liter - $22.50 for QLDAF members - for Crystal Clear Water.

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Yep - that is not a typo - $22.50 when using your QLDAF discount!!! :first:

We currently are promoting it at $25 and your get your QLDAF discount of 10% which makes it $22.50.

Deal of the Day - Auarium products one daily deal for your fishtank


The media bags for these are additional and located here.

Media Filtration Bags for Resin and Carbon

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Wow a few going out today...lol

Going out a bit quicker than we expected and will have to order some more.

Don't forget the resin bags to hold it in if you do not have them already.

Thanks for the support guys - took a fair bit in the background especially by Graham to get it to this point.

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About 7 liters left in stock and have more on the way. If you have placed an order before lunch time today you should have a delivery confirmation and tracking now. If you do please contact us but think we got everyone covered and most should receive their orders tomorrow.

Don't forget your discount for QLDAF members and if you do not know how you get your discount here is a link that will help explain it.


A big thank you to everyone that have taken up on this too.

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Hi [MENTION=8918]Somefins Fishy[/MENTION] with Macropore it can not be overdosed. You could - not that would in your situation put 10 liters in and you would not need to recharge it for ages where as you could put in small amount and need to recharge a lot more frequently and the time in between recharges differs from person to person as if you have more tannin's in the water or nitrogenous waste the more often you would recharge it.

To answer your question - you would be able to get away with one liter but at this price it might be a good idea to take advantage of it and get 2 liters.

When recharging I find it easier to get a liter of water and pop in a hand full of salt - the label says a 6% salt solution I think off hand and usually does the trick and in most cases depending on the tannin's recharge twice salt and then bleach/chlorine.

It has been bought to our attention by a couple of the members that major oversea's competitor tried to discredit the brine solution recharge but I guess you have to do something like that when the price is so vastly different and the result isn't.

This is where TOC or Total Cost of Ownership of this resin is miles in front. When you bleach it, it burns out the organics and this has an effect on the resin as well which over time will eventially require recharging sooner and sooner to a point where it needs to be replaced but and its a big but if you are utilising a brine / salt recharge this ion exchange does not have the burning effect that the bleach does making the product last longer giving you a better TOC.

Use salt/brine where possible and use bleach/chlorine when necessary.

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