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Small Fish Big Tank

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Just wondering if many people out there have any really big tanks with really small fish in them.

I think some of the smallest fish I've seen in a large tank would be Donny's Peacocks and I can't say they are really 'small'.

Are large tanks reserved for monster keepers and American Cichlids?

Or are there 10ft tanks with mini ecosystems & Bristlesnose & Neons & Khuli Loaches & Killifish???

Just interested really, because it's something I'd like to one day have, a tank where you can have predators and prey breeding without declining numbers.


Thanks, Finn.

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Gday mate, I have a 6x2x2 full of peppermints and tiger endlers. I do also have 1 common pleco (18/19 yr old), 1 gibby adult male, and 1 royal pleco in the same tank, buuuut once i get my new set-ups running there will be one 6x2x2 with nothing in it except peppermints and tiger endlers......

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Does this one qualify?

Lots of small fish although a few of the rainbows are quite big

Not sure about predators and prey in the same tank, reckon the prey would just get wiped out eventually

Although I have had a Killifish tank with small shrimp and some of those survived inside a log

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Awesome tank rainbow!

Would be cool to see some bottom dwellers in there!

thanks [MENTION=4899]Yodapwnsasmurf[/MENTION]

there is 4 peppermints in there as bottom dwellers but rarely see them

This tank will go outside as a planted tank soon, all the fish are back in a pond atm.

I want to create what was done in my 4ft as below but on a larger scale, just need a 6x2 alloy or steel stand

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