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Albino Longfin Bristlenose Juvies

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I've made a final count of my remaining Albino Longfin juvies and ended up with 22 from 3/4cm to 7cms.

Parents come from split bloodlines can show pics if needed.

There are 6 at around 6cm

9 at around 5cm

7 at around 3/4cm

Measurements are the total length of the fish.

8$ ea for the 3/4cm

12$ ea for the 5cm

15$ ea for the 6/7cm juvies

180$ if you buy as one lot.

Pm or post here if your interested.

Cheers Blake.

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Hey there, I wouldn't be able to guarantee a pair of these guys unfortunately. By posting bump (or anything) on a thread it puts it first at the top of the forsale list. But the minimum characters is more than that so that's why i didn't just say bump. Hope that helped haha

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