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They are an awesome sight.

The original owner of several over time, being sunfish dive shop up the coast that we knew well, he liked to collect also and we would compare stories, he named his shop after them, I thought it was because of the sunshine coast, but it was supposedly not the case.

Just north east from the outer nearing reef beacon off Mooloolaba in the late 70s while I dived and my parents were fishing, I came across one of those for the first time and what a monster.

I had never seen one and it scared the hell out of me as I had run out of air and come up a ways away from the boat and was on snorkel coming back to the boat, awesome sight once my heart stoped pounding.

That was back when there were regular cool clear waters to enjoy each and every weekend, if there were the right currents bringing in the heavy plankton loads and subsequently the jellyfish, then there would possibly be one flapping around out there some where.

The oceans quality up there has been rubbish and getting worse and becoming obvious since the late eighties.

I doubt if they still come in there because of the water quality these days, who knows?

I haven’t been back since at least 8 years.

Things change and nearly always for the worse.

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