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What will I get from this pair? Anyone ???

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My red terror girl and red devil boy have hooked up, lovey dovey




Okay, what kind of babies will they have? Any chance of an interesting hybrid? Couldn't find any real answers on google.

Pics would help if you've done it before

Any info would help

She's flashing, shaking, he's biting wood and they keep rubbing against each other. Omg he is pissed at everyone else...

Gotta know if its worth keeping them or feeding them :-)

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QLDAF supports the Hybrid hobby. The creation of Flowerhorns has taken breeders considerable effort to fix the colour patterns and produce the fish.

As such we do not support unplanned or poorly planned first generation crosses and sales.

Hybrids without fixed unique colour patterns can be mistaken for the original species or produce fry that can be mistaken for the original species, and hence their sale is considered a risk to the hobby. Many species we cannot import to replenish the stocks we have.

Thankyou for your understanding....

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