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Tanks stand setup..

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HEy all lately I have been,...well underwhelmed with my fish room setout, essentially i have tanks down the two long walls and a double row up the middle. I have another 12 tanks waiting to have stands built for them..the plan was to just increase the lengths of rows up the guts. room is about 3.7wide and 6.5 long internally, and 3m high.door sink,bench takes up half of one side.

But i am really not feeling the room layout, previously i just had tanks around the walls and loved sitting in the middle and watching all the tanks.

I soo want to get that vibe again. The only way i can acheive this is to add another tier of tanks.

While I have two triple racks with 18inch high tanks on them, most of the other tanks are display /breeder tanks, two tier with 2 foot high and wide tanks. If i go to another level adding 18 inch high tanks above them its starting to get up there, 2.6m potentially to the top of the tanks!!!

HAs anyone had any experience with stands built up this far??? i realise i will need a stepladder to feed them, but from a visuall aspect, I doubt i woul dbe able to see the bottoms looking up.

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