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tude's new tank setup

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for those who dont know i had aquired a cichild last weekend. my partner has decited to call it tude, cause it has an attitude like all cichilds do, an we think i could be a he. lol

i had gotten other tanks to, an a cool octaganal tank. it didnt have a light or anyway to attach a light, so my 3f tank has had an upgrade to a larger LED light from AOA (clip light 36cm) an the smaller one fits in the smaller tank an its well lighted now.

tude is goin to have the black sand in his tank, no plants, not even plastic (he throwen a heap of gravel on a plant that was in the holding tank.. grrrr.. lol). he will have the half ceramic log that he likes an i'm hopin to have a placo in there to with another ceramic log (a breeding one, so only open at one end) and a small bit of drift wood.

very simple cause thats all i can do. :D

as for the filter, with the gear i got, there was a eheim canster filter that was with the tank so that will be used.

today's task is to find a place for tude an his new home, clean sand an get filter set up, thankfully i have media an water that i can seed the tank with to get it going.

(pic of tude an his new home an how the light fits)





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yea, I thought so. the body looks a little different to the ones I had? almost like a short

body? no idea, they are gorgeous when they get the red through em!

now he is eating properly he has the red from the bottem of his gill right up thu to almost the top of his head. when you stand at the front door he will come out his house an stare at you displaying.. (he gone camra shy on me tonight.. will try to get a pic with him in full color)

so is it decided on what he is yet?? just remember he has a deformity around his anil fin an a bit if a lump on his back.. i think that was why he was throwen to a mangrove jack... i think he was to big. i dont know how old he is either...

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OHHHH YEA !!! now thats what i'm talking bout. tude looks like the one at the front (except the deformities). an his pectoral fins are longer, well look longer but that could be cause of a shorter body.

still, he is a wonderful fish to have an as i said now that he is eating he is looking an acting better. s

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