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I would like to introduce myself.

I currently am setting up a 6x2x2 a kind of South American tank. Occupants are,1 x L134, 1 x L066, 5 x Sterbai Cory's, 5 x Julii Cory's, 2 x Gold Rameriz, 2 x Bolivian Rameriz, 2 x Neon/Electric Rameriz, 2 x Black Ghostknife. I am looking at getting some schools of larger South American Tetras. With this tank I am also stepping into DIY co2 system, which is still under construction.

My other tank is a Tetra only tank 4x2x1.5.

My 6x2x2 was once a native tank with Jardini Toga, Aus Bass, Tandanis and Archers.

I will post some photos soon.



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