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Hi there, I've just moved to Ballina NSW from newcastle where I had to sell off my 20 odd tanks... but now I've settled in and i have a 100L tank ready to get me started back into the hobby :)

and seeing as my closest major city is in QLD i figured this might be the place to ask if theres many enthusiasts in the northern rivers region of NSW

in the past i've mostly kept the more placid SA cichlids, geo's, angels, apistos, rams aswell as some centrals like firemouths and sajicas

my dream is to have 2 8x2x2's one dedicated to dwarf cichlids/shrimp/plants and another dedicted to geos/angels/uaru etc

anyway let me know if you're from the north coast of nsw, im always keen to meet fellow hobbyists and help with diy projects

Thanks, Joel.

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