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New display

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The wood is floating cause I took it out of the pond ages ago.

But kinda like the look so might get it to stay up there.

Trust me donny from having a 60cm GG in there thudding on the 10mm glass, this is relaxing ha ha.

Basically only pond them in there cause they were too cramped in their little pond till I finish their big pond.

Also to keep the filters seeded until the tanks gets another revamp.

There a little ones which are off spring from the big ones.

Don't ask me which ones the parents are cause I wouldn't have a clue.

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Yeah mate I cut one of them in half. So one fx5 sucks from the bottom and the other sucks from mid level.

Then they both dump water in through 2 bulk heads in the centre brace of the tank.

I think we all know where Walter is.

Lets just say he loves his new home and can swim so gracefully.

It was worth every penny.

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