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What bottom feeders to go with my guppies?

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Hi all

i Wondered if i could tap you for some ideas/suggestions.

what bottom feeders to go with my guppies and not eat the baby fry ?

I have a 60L Hex tank that is has fine gravel, full of plants and currently housing 1 female and 6 fry.lost all the others due to over feeding (big rookie mistake:baby:)

Id like to put some little bottom feeders of some description in there to help clean up and catch the bits the guppies dont bother with.

What would you put in there and that wont also grow too big.

Any ideas welcome!

Many thanks

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thanks all,

if i cant find any dwarf cory's will any cory do fine,its just that if i only have a 60lt hex tank will any other cory be ok in it with guppies and small fry and what numbers should i get ? do all cory's need to be a min of 4 to 6 at a time

thanks again

p.s any one selling any on the north side of brisbane?

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ok so i go into the local shop and tell him the size of both tanks (60lts) and he said just get 2 corys for each tank,now will the corys just feed on what i give the other fish or do i have to get them some other food,thanks again for the info,

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