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Cheap Phosphate issue resolution for none algae users.

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For those that do not rely on algae and there are many of you, this is for you!

Lanthanum chloride results from use of my own and speaking to others that swears by it for their phosphate issues as well.

This common form of salt that is used as a chemical binder that they use in the pool industry is sometimes labelled starver.

It may also be part of the make up of phos buster,no one knows for sure.

What it does is precipitates phosphate into an inert compound in the aquarium rendering the phosphate harmless in a very short time.

From my playing with this in my tubs with all kinds of feeding regimes, life forms and extra polluting left over foods including results from two others that use it and the use of rowaphos etc,etc,this is what I have found.

The use of starver is extremely affective and should be used via heavily diluting it in RO water and adding this liquid into a filter sock or behind a filter barrier slowly and in small doses so that it does bind with phosphate.

This gentle approach should be used any way but more so if you have small gill plated fish in particular like the zebrasoma species of tangs being the worst for reacting to this via aquarium algae up taking the substance and they consume it creating a toxic build up in them and their possible reaction from their small gill functions, either way it needs to be used gently.

If you use it to rapidly to remove the phos the sudden reduction of phos can put stress on clams coralline algae’s and basic algae.

The more interesting aspect of this was the speed at which the cyano croaked that I had in patches on the plastic walls of the tubs intentionally for this.

So for quick absolute phos removal I used starver with absolute perfection with sps in there as well as most everything else and the on going after some weeks of this to get rid of most of the phos that is leaching from bio medias.

I tried some of the guys rowaphos and three other brands and the one that was the best for on going support was the salifert phosphate killer type of gfh.

It was gentle,easy to use and kept the phos under 0.03 down to 0.01.

Oh and I tried the hanna and salifert tests against each other and the salifert was the same as the hanna each and every time.

One of our guys that has a ton of sps he buys from cairns marine that are always thriving with a lot of frags and amazing growth rates, he has used the starver and never had an issue, but remember to use it gently!

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Lanthanum chloride has been tried by many people over the last few decades, and I have heard only bad things.

Glad to hear you are getting good results, but this is definitely a "use at your own risk" style product.

I dont want to be the stick in the mud, but yea, theres a reason everyone doesnt do it.

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