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My new LED's and custom LED stand

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Hi just wanted to show off my new LED's they are not DIY but the stand is. The lights are Ecotech Radion XR30W, I bought 2 for my 6x2x2 Tang tank and am hoping it is enough.

All up the stand has cost about $150 dollars to assemble and here is the parts list, I have not elaborated on the bolts but if you need info let me know.

The stand is made of

From Bunnings:

24.5mm aluminium boxing 1800mm and 600mmx2 lengths( I cut these down to about 490mm I think)

plastic corner connectors and end caps

16x12mm aluminium u shaped

5/16 threaded rod and associated bolts, wing nuts and rubber grommets

Felt for inside U shaped aluminium to protect glass.

From Umart:

Brateck Projector mount( this can be adjusted to fit to the lights easily and I have custom fit it to the frame, let me know if you want more details on this)

I have made it tall enough and with a height adjust system so that I can easily change the spread of light to the maximum and minimum ecotech recommend and everything in between.

I can also remove the Light fixtures with a single wing nut. I still have to paint it all black and see how it goes in use to see if I want to make any changes

The pictures show one light connected, the second one is waiting as the second projector mount is on back order at umart.






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Thats very impressive.

Well done with the projector mount!

Can't take all the credit some people on reef central gave me the inspiration with vesa mounts, another option is to attach the full projector arm to wall with out the frame I built, but I thought I would try the frame first.

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