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A net casting worm with a taste for sps.

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I found this ages ago and put it in the aquarium and thought it would be a xmas tree worm on a live coralline roller?

This mongrel throws a net over the sps and kills some of the polyps and then sends out a single line to pull back dead tissue.

It's very complicated as to how I found it in action, anyway its not happy now that I found it doing this twice by accident,that was after two sections of my sps went down to it, not that I realised it till it was to late for them.


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I thought it would be harmless after realising it was not a xmas tree worm,but any highly massed polyp sps in its range died after a few weeks of exposure.

It is partly the current and its position I think that made its impact on two of my purple sps far greater then it could have been, I assume?

I found it does this a great deal at night and also when the pumps off while I clean my filter wool barrier, it did it twice in front of me as I am normally at the back when i do this so that's why this was the first time I saw it do it in all its glory.

There is more to it but that's enough, the thing that I thought was a xmas tree is gone now.

I wish I could have gotten a video if how the net was thrown over the sps then a single strand dragged back,it was amazingly accurate!

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