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hey guys just trying to pick a few brains here..

i have a 14 tank rack , 12x 2 foots and 2 4 foots

i get some of the tanks random positions getting green cloudy water, and sometimes real bad algae. i have blacked out the room , doors windows ect so no direct sunlight , some tanks have sand other bare bottom

i keep angels, jewels , corys adult and fry , a cple of the tanks it happens reg , which even when empty it happens , i removed tank last week , outside hosed and cleaned back to like new and 5 or 6 days later starting again with only sponge filter running no livestock .. arghhhhh

fish r happy and healthy but tanks look **** .. :(

my only idea is could it happen when garage door is up and down , up and down ? just strange with the random pattern of algae, could it be in the silicon of a cple new tanks ?

any ideas or opinions most welcome



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