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More rubbish about the ocean off bris.

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There is a survey going by a particular group at the moment and some results were on TV the other night confirming that these folks are no nothings to say the least!

Kelp they say is so rare out of Moreton Island due to the warm waters up here?

Have these people herd of thermoclines, our waters are very unique and are what they are because of them!!!

The reefs that include Hutchison’s reef,Hendersons,China wall to name just a few are famous for masses of kelp and they say its rare?

These are the types of no nothing groups that advise the gov on what’s going on out there, sorry what’s not going on out off here???

It is so obvious there is no hope as there is no knowledge or brains behind anything that is put in place out off Bris relating to marine parks or any regulated issues.

Even the sea world boy says it’s rare there are killer whales off here,what the?each year they come past here following their dinner, the humpbacks youngsters!

Here are some rare pics,lol.

These corals are not found in this depth of over a hundred feet out off here? these pics are in over 115 feet where they say they are amazed they found them, yet we have seen them since I first dived out off here, we all see them, they have been seen for over thirty years, always and more from what I hear!




This is a small patch of kelp out of acres of areas of it out off here, back in the 90s it was up to 20 feet high off the bottom and quite dangerous for your gauges to get caught on,or if you had an ocy.

This is in just under 90 feet of water.


These people and many like them are providing information that is screwing up what could be put in place to govern our waters properly!

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