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Stocking an African Cichlid tank

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Hi guys,

I'm getting together an African Cichlid Tank at the moment and looking for more fish.

It's dimensions are 1220mm x 380mm x 480mm 200L.

I've got in there at the moment the following..


Electric Yellow

Electric Blue






Blue Dolphin

Jewel Red Forest




I've heard putting in lots of cichlids is good to keep the territorial disputes down but I'm wondering how many I should throw in. I have an albino sailfin pleco in there as well, he is only a few inches at the moment but will grow fast enough. I also want to throw in a few cuckoos to cruise around and clean up uneaten food. I was hoping to get another 5 or so cichlids to go in there, is that enough or too much?

Thanks guys.

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I think another 5 and some cats will be fine.

It is a lot of food though, so weekly water changes and good oxygenation in summer.

Having less fish would mean more time between water changes.

But it would mean more direct sustained aggression.

You have a mix of rather aggresive (maingano, Lombardoi)

and not so aggresive fish.

So numbers is a good idea.

The Venustus and Blue Dolphin do get very big though, so you need good biological and mechanical filtration.

Just to handle the amount of food you will need to feed, and keep the water clear of chunks (and hopefully prevent crap landing on the sand)

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