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EOI: Aquience tank

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Hey guys

recently started a saltwater tank

realised the tank is pretty hard to make into a full reef tank

so looking to sell to buy another more suitable tank.

The Deets:

Aquience 1200R - 300L

Tank - 45 x 120 x 66cm

Cab - 45 x 120 x 74cm

Colour: Black w/ silver highlights


I will be able to fully clean out the tank for you, however there is a slight issue with the lighting that i will now explain.

Back in the day (not too long ago) my saratoga decided to spash the stock T5 lighting, which in turn destroyed it. The lighting unit makes up part of the hood on this tank so has been kept, as i am now running LED lighting which looks a whole load better anyway will be thrown in with the tank.

The tank will be supplied with the following

4ft LED light (paid $170 a month ago)

Aquis 1250 series ii canister filter (paid $130)

Internal UV steriliser (paid $120)

300w heater (paid $50)

and for good measure i will chuck in a more than decent internal power filter (paid $70)

(i have paid a total of around $540 for the extras i will throw in in the last three months)

The tank is still running at the moment so i will need plenty of notice before purchase.

the tank was purchased roughly 7 months ago for $1200

chasing $700ono, if sold before monday i will leave the 30kgs of calcium carb 'snow' in the tank.

just shoot me a PM guys if you have any questions :)


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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