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where can i get a pump like this?

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i think this is called a dosing pump...basically has an intake and an output. sucks water in and spits it back out at a low flow rate, this one in particular is 3.5GPH.


before you ask, its for a DIY nitrate filter.

Edit: also looking to buy one in brisbane, Plan B is to buy one online, Plan C is to buy a nitrate filter

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Nice ID of a product from a picture [MENTION=2383]ageofaquariums[/MENTION]....

All sponsors are members and active on the forum, but no guarantee they will be online tonight. Here is a list of emails annd contacts to pursue. I have left of the AOA guys contact details as Ben has replied here, and also Marine Mates as you say you have already spoken to the guys there.

Redlands - email redpets5@bigpond.com or call 07 3823 3733

Aquaholics - email aquaholicsonline@gmail.com or call 0402427447

Petcity - email info@petcity.com.au or call 1800 245 700

The Tech Den -email sales@thetechden.com.au or call 0408 471 517

I would suggest get on the blower in the morning and work through the list.

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