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Demasoni Pair

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I have a nice healthy pair of Demasoni African Cichlids.

I'm new to cichlids & was sold these as a peaceful Dwarf American cichlid pair by a dishonest salesperson at a Gold Coast Pet Store. :lie: They cost me $45 for the pair.

I know now to do my research before buying.:typing:

As you can see from the pictures the female is starting to turn yellow so they should be ready to breed very soon.

Cheers Lisa



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They were sold to me as a pair. When I got them the "female" was pale blue striped & has been slowly turning yellow over the last week.

I had 2 guys who are on this forum & breed cichlids check the pictures out & both said they were a male & female Demasoni. They stick together & chase all the other fish out of their section of the tank, so they are acting like a pair. :?:

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Hi lisa, male and female demasoni are almost identical. I have to agree with matt the bottom pic is a male lombardoi.

Its unfortunate that sales people take advantage or dont have the knowledge themselves to id fish properly.

Cheers mick

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