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Recommended filtration on an 8x2x2?

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Am currently running a 2.5ft sump on a 500lt 4ft tank and am a little over it.

All my other tanks are 280lt 4ft's and running internal filters.

I know nothing about the canisters. The stand on the the 8ft is open without cupboards and the tank isn't drilled.

I'm think I need a canister or two. Will check out the Eheims/Aqua One options today.

In the meantime I've thrown another 2200 internal in there at the other end.

No budget as yet [MENTION=9246]Donny@ageofaquariums[/MENTION].... It'll have to be whatever I need.

Saying that I'm still sorting out stocking!! The tank was a father's day surprise (and a bid to shut down a few of my others dotted around the house!).

Def have to put a male jag, sgt & fader in there. Any one have any stocking suggestions also? I've heard pbass are not really a good idea with these guys. Maybe a blackbelt, festae, dovii?

Growing up together of course!

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Whatever you like really mate, I had all the fish you listed in my 8 ft at some point. Of course, angry bob the trimac knocked them all over one by one as they got big enough to challenge him and I rehomed em, but thats half the fun of a big american community.

I'd definitely reccomend having a JD as your biggest starting fish, and 3+ male convicts in there. JDs are tough but not very aggro as the big boys go, and having one as your alpha means he will often come in and chase away anyone who starts fighting.

The male cons will bicker amongst themselves and will often draw attention from other targets, and if thers enough cover theyre plenty quick and smart enough to get out of trouble.

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Personally I would go a sump. The biggest you can fit under your stand.

I have heard of guys on here that drill holes for cheap.

Do it once. Do it big. Do it right the first time.

If you do that you will never have to worry about "overstocking"

You can customize your filtration as your fish change over time etc. plus you dont have to clean a sump as often. And when you do I only clean half at a time which minimizes and chance of loosing bacteria etc.

You can just do a whole lot more with a sump.

Canisters can leak and fail after a time (cheaper ones quicker)


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Or you can put a tank under it......... and keep more fish in it!

I like sumps, but I am currently running cannisters instead.

Makes it a lot easier to clean.

Theres actually another cannister option.

The big aquaels.

Worth having a look at one up close, as they are pretty user friendly.

The arent as cheap as aquaones, and dont have the legacy behind them that eheim does.

But they are a brand to keep an eye on, as they do things well and arent afraid to innovate.

I am thinking about getting another Aquael unimax 700.

Its a pretty good mechanical and biological filter.

But I'd still be putting 2 on a tank that size.

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If you have a big enough budget I'd go 2700uvc with heaps of course foam and a single tray of Dacron at one end and then the big Eheim pro3 2180 with the 500w heater built in and the proper media kit for it. Only if you don't want the sump option.

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