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fishes attitude changes w/rescaping (problems in heaven)

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So I took out all the stone from the tank in order to segregate a female that was clutching.

Put the stone back when female relocated and now I notice a second female clutching! WTF?!?!

When I rescaped the AQ I put the stone in a different way then the way it was before.

Now I have one male that's dominating the other male!!! The first day I was worried b/c the weaker male

was hovering at the top of the aquarium by some jets and the other male would keep him there. However,

this has changed and the more submissive male seems to have found a spot in all that stone BUT still gets chased around ocasionally.

Here's the question(s)

Should I rescape to bring peace to the harem and maybe seg. the other female?

or.. leave things as is and the males will work things out themselves?

NOTE: This was a successful harem of Mel. Chipokaes in a 46 gallon bowfront. At least till now!

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The subdominant male is always going to get dominated. The only reason you would keep him in there is to give the girls a break from the males constant attention.

I usually have a single male,

or at least 5 males.

5 is a decent number as they can fight each other and that spreads out the hits more efficiently

but I think a single male is going to be the answer here.

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