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Hey guys, just updating my algae thread. Gave the leaves a wash will see how that goes

In the meantime, I put 3 African Lampeyes in the tank a week ago and since then I appear to be down to 1.

However there is no trace of the other two, cannot find them. I have checked the filter, checked if they have jumped out and have sat there watching the tank trying to find them.

I am not sure if the tank water isnt up to scratch yet as its cycling or what is happening.

PH was at about 7.2 last test. Amonia was about 0.25ppm which I thought was not unsafe in a new tank, Nitrite is rather high, around 5.0ppm but again read this is what would occur in a new tank and Nitrate is at around 20ppm. I've also done numerous partial water changes

I thought if these fish weren't surviving I would at least be able to find their bodies.

Any ideas?

The last one seems all alone now, and I know they like a group but I dont want to introduce more if they are all going to suffer the same fate.

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