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2x SGJD Pair. MOBA & KIGOMA Frontosa

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Large Moba Frontosa

8x Unsure of sexes

From 20cm to 35cm

$120 each or take them all for $850


Split-Gene Jack Dempsey

2x Breeding Pairs and a Spare Male(which has also bred)


$100 per pair or all 5 for $200


Kigoma Frontosa Juvies

6x unsure of sexes


$50 each or take them all for $250

once these are sold i will have a 2 tier 8x2x2 setup for sale $1000

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[MENTION=9055]bentang79[/MENTION] these are F1 bought from brickie. I'm not sure who owned the wc but I am very confident that I was not mislead. As I am more of a hobbyist then a full on breeding tycoon. So I look at them more then try to breed them. I have no intentions on trying to vent them. I probably should have said all this in the original post.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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