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Recently joined up here and will probably spend more time lurking and learning. I keep a rather large menagerie of pets including 2 border collies, 4 cats + a rescue cat, 8 snakes (getting another at the end of the year), turtle, bearded dragon + rescue dragon, two axolotls, and the only ones really relevant to this forum I suppose- two tiger oscars!

Going to have;

- 8x2x2 for the turtle and make a planted set up with rainbows most likely- black and silver cabinet etc.

- 6x2x2 for the two oscars and two plecos

- 3x2x2 for the two axies

I have always wanted Oscars before- they have always appealed to me before both temperament wise and I can never walk past a nice bright tiger oscar with big bold marble markings :)

well, thats me!

Laura :)

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