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New fish room

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So i moved...good bye old awesome fish room :(

The new room is long way off and we have slowly started moving and installing all the tanks etc.

The sides of the room is open to elements and with a brick wall at the back. All four sides will be covered in coldroom panels brought from the old fish room and the air conditioner moved and installed as well.

Our ibcs will now be outside which is annoying but we have other projects for them. Im hoping to fit all 80 tanks in this room so it might be a tight squeeze. Looking for a new house to accommodate you fish is not an easy thing. At the moment we have about 600 fish waiting to be moved and planning on a drain, bag and refill idea of moving them. Should be interesting!

Will post some more transformations soon!

Looking right from the door:


Looking from wall outside:


This i think will be the tricky part, this wall has a curve, thinking of just putting a straight wall across, sacrificing the space.


Some idiot ****ing with my fish


Lots more to come so stay tuned!!!

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So more progress as i finally have a day off after starting a new job.

We have decided not to line the back wall with Cold room panels. We have found the room to be a decent temperature during the night with a max low of 19 and a max high of 29 so seems like we wont need any heating or aircon anytime soon. [MENTION=9385]Hachi[/MENTION] you might remember these tank. I decided to put these in at the back for my partner to play around with some guppies. I have finally installed the airline to cover the whole room. Also my partners guppy tanks have taps for easy re-fill. So next is to install the 3 rows of tanks infront of these, sadly there wont be as much room between them as the room isnt as big as it was before. All the ICB's have finally been set up outside and cranking with some goldies atm. When i put the new few rows in i will post some more pics.

<a  href=1235347_403240753109704_1059173138_n_zps


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