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just thought i would post a thread about what plan to do in the future.

atm i have a 125 gallon tank filled with different malawi cichlids and a few mbuna breeding colonies, a 75 gallon with a colony of electric yellows and demasoni and a 25 gallon and a small 3 liter tank, they are mostly for fry. i was planing on getting a few more 25 gallon tanks and separating the breeding colonies from both the 125 and 75 gallon tanks and putting them in their own 25 galoon tank and using the 75 gallon to put a breeding colony of venustus in it and using the 125 and a african display tank :)

so there will be six 25 gallons with johanni, maingano, hongi, chisumulae, electric yellows and demasoni breeding colonies in each one, a 75 gallon with a colony of venustus and a 125 gallon african display tank and a few 25 gallon fry tanks.

oh and tank that i can have a jack dempsy in :)

what do ya think?

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