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Under Gravel Filters, need some info please

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I have 4ft with lots pepp b/nose and some khuli loaches as ground dwellers. A Canister filter. The pepps leave alot of waste

I have gravel but wanted to change to black gravel. Couldnt find any small sizings of black gravel and LFS said black sand would be okay. Havnt bought yet, but have ordered. pick up on wednesday.

Should I go ahead with it?

I have wondered if a under gravel filter would take away alot of the waste, could you still bury plants in it?

Okay, here is the silly question.

Could you use it for sand??

Are the gravel filters any good?

. Heard a story that someone had a gravel filter and managed to breed some Khuli Loaches - only found that out when he emptied tank and found they had bred.

Thanks in advance for any replies. comments much appreciated

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I have used many UGF with sand in the past, infact my original marine system had 9 tanks that were all UGF.

I use a bit of flyscreen over the UGF plate.

I wouldnt use them with such heavy waste producers as you will be constantly having to rip it down and totally clean it out.

Air powered sponge filters will do the job much better.

i know they are ugly and UGF are beautiful

but the reality of it is that UGF are just too much effort in this situation.

Doesnt surprise me the khuli bred in the sludge pit

they always strive to find the most filthy location in the tank lol

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