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Ocean Nutrition Koi Colour Enhancer

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i heard supreme growth is a popular option also kasman!!

nice one, the supreme growth actually comes in a 5mm pellet too which would suit me better. I wonder what is the difference between the 2? Seem to have same ingredients and colour enhancers.

yeh shame they dont sink, I only have a few shy fish that dont top feed too often, most smash food on the surface. I wonder if you crushed some if it would sink, that sometimes works.

My Africans love them. If they sank it would be perfect :)

this may sound like a stupid question lol, but is it a rock hard pellet or does it crush easily (like hikari)?

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Yea supreme growth has been selling really well for us....... I too wish they made a sinking version!

You can presoak it in a cup and squash it against the side when soft, this squeezes out air and causes pellet to sink.

The colour enhancer will be a good south american food through summer, when the fishes metabolism is nice and fast.

Its loaded up rather heavy with colour enhancers, and its a good quality pellet as well.

The supreme growth has a higher % of protein and fat.

and a lower % of the key colour enhancing ingredients

I dont find them too hard to crush.......... but then again I use a magic bullet blender to crush them......... so yea thats not really probably the feedback you needed.

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