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Breeding set up help please?

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Since getting a new tank i have a spare tank and was wondering if it would be big enough to breed certain fish.

The tank is 5ft L x 18" W x 20" H

Worked out it holds exactly 300Lts

So im looking at breeding longfin bristlenose, common bristlenose, peppermints or rams.

2 or 3 of the above.

So my question is, will 100Lts be enough space for the longfin or peppermints in breeding trios or would it be safer to just split in 2?

Im aware the rams should be alright being so small and only as a pair and commons, well mine breed anywhere.

New to this sort of thing but was just going to drill heaps of holes in a piece of perspex and silicone it in so the cannister can pick up from one end and flow out the other. Will this be ok?

My spare 6x2x2.5 would be ideal but all that height for bottom dwellers just doesnt seem sensible.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated


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So I ended up setting the 5ft up with black all around and black perspex dividers with holes drilled. Decided to just go longfin, peps and albino commons with guppies to each section. I notice a lot of breeders don't put gravel and plants in their tanks but kind of wanted it as a display. Was going to put a few of my tigers and clown plecos in this but think theyre pretty content in the 5x2x2.

Thinking 1M 2F longfin in one, 5 Peps (6-9cm) from different breeders (unsexed) in another and I have 1M 2F albino commons (one female is huge) for the other.

Each section is 50x44cm and hold 100Lts each, Is this enough space for these fish?

Also with the Longfin, the male and 1 female is albino and one female is dark, the fry (if any) will come out the colour of the mother yea?



Any feedback, info or opinions would be much appreciated


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