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Oscar and higher pH

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My tap water is naturally around an 8, and this is what I've been keeping my new red tiger oscar in. My thought process was that a stable pH is better than a fluctuating, lower pH. Whether this is correct, or not, is why I'm here.

Having googled scholar articles, I can't find much legitimate information about keeping fish in a pH different to their natural habitat. Most of the research centres around the outer limits of acceptable pH, lower than 6-7 and higher than 8. Obviously, I wont be doing this! But, I did learn a little bit about the amazon river, and how oscars adapt to low oxygen levels, their metabolism etc...very cool stuff.

Further on, I am not sure what pH fish shops and breeders keep their pH at. I really probably should have asked where he was sourced from, but naturally he's not wild. Next time I will. (There was no pH printed on the glass)

So, my question is. What effect will a higher pH have on a farmed fish, whose natural habitat is at a lower pH? Negligible? Or long term suffering?

Most forums I've taken the time to read about on this have been slightly hysterical, with little factual (eg., gill function, osmo-regulation etc) evidence to back it up. Also, I don't have access to any paid-for journals, sadly. If any experienced fish keeper can help, I'd be very thankful. I don't want to harm my fisheh!


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