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6 month old Salt water Reef tank pics

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Hi here are some pics of my setup, i have a 4ft display with a 3ft sump underneath and a 2ft cube display tank with another 2ft sump under that, its all joined and running as one system but can be two individualsystems at the turn of a valve. :)

I have a total of around about 600litres .

I have :

4ft display-

A sailfin tang

A flame hawkfish

A blue hippo tang

One spot foxface

5x green chromis

2x ocellaris clownfish

A royal dottyback

A bi colour blennie

Lamark angelfish

Yellow wrasse

Leopard wrasse

Golden basslet


2 sea cucumbers

condy anenome

A red sea star

A purple sea star

A tuxedo urchin

Pearl shells/clam shells

3x trochus snails

10+ assorted hermits and snails


9 assorted torch corals

Purple finger corl

Green leather coral

Green pocillopora

Blue acro

Green acro

4x hammers





Plate coral, long tentacle

Plate coral short


Red mushroom

Blue mushroom

Green finger coral

Blue maze

Clove polyps

Sun coral

Green moon colony

Red blastomussa

Blue blastomussa

2ft display-

A bi colour blennie

3x padang frillgobys

2x black cheek three fin

1x stripey fish


Black n white urchin

Red sea star

2 sea cucumbers




green montipora

Purple montipora

Green acro


Green leather coral

Green stem purple tip divisa


Assorted acans

Green mushrooms

Purple plate coral, short tentacle


Green pocillopora

I will upload some pics as soon as i can, i am new to the whole forum thing so i will have to learn slowly but am sure i will get there :)

Thought i might add that i have dual skimmers and macro algae on a 24/7 light schedule, aswell as running phos remover and purigen also npx bioplastics all in fluidized media filters, i have ozone running with an ORP METER and also running a 55w UV Steriliser. I let the tank slip 6 months ago when i moved house and have been battling green hair algae and byropsis ever since :/. But i can see it is starting to die off and or get eaten.

I also had a bleaching issue wheni changed my lighting system over to sunrise/sunset led lights instead of t5 VHO i halved my power consumption and also increased the intensity.


I hope you enjoyed the photos and would like any feedback :)





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How high are you running your magnesium mate?

Tanks looking great by the way.

I like the way you work!

Thanks mate.

Been alot of work, as my 4ft tank was a freshwater tank which i drilled and plumbed myself into a marine tank. There has been alot of trial and error, i guess what paid off was waiting 3months for the tanks to cycle properly and stabilise.

I don't monitor my magnesium levels with a test kit, i dose seachem reef complete once a week which has strontium and magnesium to replenish depleted levels, but i try keep it as natural as i can and do WEEKLY water changes whether it be 10% or 20%. My next shopping item is a mag test kit as its always good to have one. And then a real good skimmer :)

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