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the cichlid kid

WTB: IBC - Food Grade

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Hi Beau,

I think any black ibcs (if they are even produced) would all be non-food grade (similar to nally bin production).

Better off buying a white food-grade ibc and painting the outside with a plastic compatible paint or put a sheet of black plastic between the cage and conatainer. Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the reply cichlidfry, appreciate it.

I think you could be right about the black ones as I've only eve come across non food grade ones. Although I have heard of non transparent ones. There was a guy on here who said he had a beige coloured one that he got from smiths chips that was used for vinegar if memory serves me correctly.

I will pursue this for a while and if I have no luck I will wrap a normal in black plastic.



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painting or wrapping is a good idea if kept near sunlight as they are not UV stable and will get brittle fairly fast.

If you just want it black, use Rit Dye (tie die from craft shops) with hot water to stain. Black would make your fish almost impossible to see or catch though. I paint the bottoms of all my water tanks and tubs white.

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