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Free: 8ft curve tank subject to condition 8x23x26 lwh

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Thank you for the interest. There a few lining up to get this, but will give priority to the first ones. There a few who needs to sort out move, etc. At this stage, pls consider the tank on hold pending further notice.

As committed, to continue the luck, my 8ftr tank will go for FREE (subject to condition). It needs a reseal and have already bought the acrylic repair kit - weld on glues and rods. Package comes with hood (gutted - no electronics), tank and stand. This is a nice display piece and was planning to reseal it but got the monster tank as free.

Now the conditions:

1. Pick up will need to coincide with the time the monster will be going home. I will need your help and with your own lift crew (ill be organizing mine as well so joint forces) to get my tank home - marsden to daisy hill. There will be beer and pizza on the day. Date to be confirmed but likely one saturday afternoon- a week or two after election.

2. Reimburse me cost of the reseal kit - i need to look up invoice. But its not that expensive.

3. Preference will be given to someone i know or had dealt with before.

The last tank of this size that i was able to trace in melbourne sold for $4k new, so youll get value on this. Inspection is welcomed subject to availability of time.

Remember its free, subject to minor condition.






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i'm not sure of the acrylic, but I beleived it's 10-12. It holds water for years and just recently it started to drip like a facet - very slow drip. I was worried so Ive emptied it up and was gonna fixed it but had the monster coming.

A research on fixing acrylic taank will give you an idea on what to do. The tank is made of three big pieces - back front (run accross the sides) and the base. I beleived fixing this is totally different to a glass tank. I have used silicone as a i try, but it didn't work so i ordered the weld-on glue kits to fix it.

it does not have holes (drilled) and im running eheim cannister on it. Cabinet is made of two separate cabinet to make it stronger. there are little water damage and structurally sound. A scratched where the door closes as seen on pics but that's about it. Hood is metal alloy in tan colour. it's a very presentable piece and will look nice once it gets a reseal.

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The other question is what are you upgrading to?

I was lucky to get the free 9ftr. so in return, letting go of my old tank.

Thats an impressive tank!

This is lovely piece and the big tank that i was able to convince the wife to get inside the house. I'm sure, you won't have much argument with the wife if you bring this home.

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I am wondering if I have room for it, It looked great at your place, if I could fit it,, sat would work well for me (am sure I could line up some unsuspecting labour)

Just wondering what I have to giveaway to keep the love happening lol

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