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3ft planted help

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I've got a 3ft planted Guppy tank although I just bought them (them not me lol) a 4ft which will be swapped around any day now :)

As for plants, I use:

NARROW LEAF LUDWIGIA - they play and chase each other through it, fun to watch.. I also let it grow long, covering some of the surface and they rest/sleep in it.. It's green and pink, a nice plant.

ELODEA - I use suction cups and thread some through, sticking them to the side glass panel, a few inches below water line and let it flow across the top in a bunch. They love these too!

WISTERIA - planted or floating these are great, mine sleep in the tops of them and also used the tops for laying in and giving birth .. I'm REALLY hoping the fry drops have come to an end now ;)

VAL GRASS - they seem to like

CRYPTS and SWORDS - they love the big flat leaves to look for food that's been missed .. they are pigs lol

I've got a 600ltr Hydor canister filter on it, never had a problem.

STOCKING - Apart from 4 Cory Sterbai and small school Neon Tetras, it currently has 6 adult females and 4 juvenile females. I really like 3 of the last batch of fry in my other tanks, so I want to keep those also (hence moving to bigger tank) !!!

Good luck with it Stephen, you'll love Guppies, they are a blast! I even have a variety of Guppies you can have for free if you want, just let me know :)

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