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Thats a lot of expensive sand for not a lot of dollars.

Its a nice colour, similar to the red diamond quartz we have, but much heavier

Good for tanks with very high water flow, where you still want sand.

The biggest plus?

it hides fish poop incredibly well.

but also traps it on the surface.

50kg sounds like a lot

but its a dense sand

It can take a while to wash

but once done, its pretty cool

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just 4 bags (25kgs) got it for $20ea. It covers a 2.6x1m space with about 1cm evenly. Didn't want too deep either as its very heavy. It looks like a red desert effect. rays are sifting through it and the ornates did darken up. Being brownish in colour, sometimes I don't know where the rays are since they like to camouflage/hide under it - just eyes popping out. The one ive got is next to the finest (30/60) so still fine not to hurt the disk. the next grit to it is rough and sharp. The Company was kidn enough to send me samples to play around and compare.

Cleaning was hard - it took me more than an hour for just one bag.

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