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Super hi-tech tanks - automation

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I'm really looking into the idea of automating some tank functions, with ideas such as




Partial water change

Health monitoring

Water level monitoring

CO2 control


using something like the raspberry pi or an ardunio.

I'll use this thread as a bit of a journal of what I find, but any experience or guidance from others that have delved into this before let me know.

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Automation = more time to watch your fish ;)

Hope you find all the stuff you need, maybe look at some of the equipment people use for marine tanks like dosing pumps, automatic top off with water level monitoring, lighting and flow controls, chillers etc.

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Yeah my thinking is definitely along the lines of shon.

Dosing seems to be a well documented phenomenon.

Arduino Controlled Dosing Pumps | Fish Tank Projects I'm thinking of expanding this concept a little more so I can put in some watchdog functionality (low water level, turn on cooling fan if temperature exceeds x degrees etc).

The main issue I'm finding seems to be sensors.

Age of Aquariums - Digital PH Controller Replacement Electrode PH and water level seem to be ok, but anything to measure nitrate and nitrites is prohibitively expensive.

Research continues...

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Nitrites and Nitrates, well you're right it would be good to have something to alert you when it gets high and I can't think of anything unfortunately

That might be one thing you'll need to test once in a while but to be honest I don't think it's a real issue once your tank is fully cycled

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those neptune systems look awesome and great when your on holiday and live stream your tank and the press of a button do anything to it

The amount of options to customize these units is incredible.

Every customer I have spoken too is doing different builds.

And thats what its all about, the flexability to automise those things that take time/effort in YOUR setup.

Whether its aquaponics, reef, planted, cichlids, discus or predators..... apex makes it easy to give them the conditions they love.

And thats what its all about, giving your pets a better life than they could expect even in the most pristine wild environment.

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